July Fit Snack Un-boxing

Come see why this is MY favorite subscription BOX!!!

Another month and another Fit Snack box! I am giddy school girl every time I see my box show up ! This month's box per the norm did not disappoint.  The timing was perfect I got my box then hit the road for a 3 week vacation! Visiting our family in Utah and Idaho.  So with a whirlwind of family and LOTS of driving it was great to know that I had some fun snacks to bring along to keep me on track and snacking healthy!     So here are my REAL thoughts on all the goodies I ...

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Fitness Tracking Made Easy

I LOVE my Fitbit

I have been debating and debating for months on whether or not getting a Fitbit was worth it. I am always on the move and working out isn’t a problem for me. So why invest in one? What extra benefit would it bring? I hashed it out forever, or so it seemed. Then when I was shopping at Kohl’s I broke down and bought one. Not anyone… The Fitbit HR Charge, the crème de la crème of Fitbits. I have seriously not taken it of my wrist {except for shower breaks – which I use to charge the dang thing} ...

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7 Meal Prep Hacks For Beginners!

Easy ways to ease into meal prepping!

Meal prep can be really intimidating! But it doesn't have to be. The whole idea of "meal prep" is to have healthy meals,  pre-portioned, packed and ready to go!  So to make things easy I'm sharing 7 meal prep hacks for beginners that will save you time and get your meals prepped like a champ in no time!   1. The crock pot  is your friend! I will throw a few chicken breasts (even frozen!) in my crock pot with some seasonings and let them cook for 3-5 hours and I've got my chicken ...

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How To Teach Your Kids To Pack Their OWN Lunch

How To Teach Your Kids To Pack Their Own Lunch

Back to school is a crazy hectic time. It marks the end of days without schedules or demands. As much as I love spending lazy days playing all summer with my kids, a little part of me, OK OK a big part of me craves the schedule and routine that going back to school brings. This year as my kids are getting older and better able to take on more responsibility I thought I would hand over the torch of lunch making and put it in the highly capable hands of my dear sweet kids. With that being ...

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7 Tips For Surviving Summer

7 Tips to help you survive summer and keep losing!

How are you doing? Are you surviving summer? With endless BBQs and the pull of all the good eats of summer staying on track with the plan to eat smart and healthy can seem hard and sometimes pointless.  Seriously summer is the hardest time (besides the obvious Holidays) to eat healthy. { In my humble opinion!} Schedules are out the window and time seems to rush by as we go go go! Although you may be more active playing with kids and being outdoors exploring - If you're not planning ahead, those ...

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Time To Make Your Move!

Time To Make Your Move

I love hearing from my awesome readers! Every email you send helps me to make my site and blog that much better, because you let me know what info I should be providing for you! So in honor of your emails and questions I am dedicating an entire 7 part series to helping you "Make Your Move!" Many of you have expressed a lack of focus and a feelings of uncertainty as to where to begin on your fitness and weight loss journey. I remember when I finally decided enough was enough I needed to make a ...

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Aging With Grace

Aging Gracefully - What I have learned!

This past month I celebrated my birthday, with each passing birthday I usually like to take stock and reflect on what I have learned in the past year. This past year has been an interesting and challenging year. With an out of state move and a big career change for my husband; a lot has changed.  One thing I have learned for certain is change is good. It shakes up our lives and when the pieces fall they always seem to fall in just the right way. Change helps us to learn and grow and become a ...

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Raspberry Green Goddess Protein Shake

Raspberry Green Goddess Protein Shake

This post was brought to you by Kaeng Raeng but all opinions are 100% mine  I have a confession... I typically don't like green shakes. I know I know,  you would think they would be right up my ally.  But I keep trying them hoping I find one I like. Because I know how healthy and good for me they are.  So when I found out Kaeng Raeng came out with a brand new powdered green protein shake I was excited. I absolutely love their cleanse products.  And the idea of getting all the goodness of a ...

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How To Teach Your Tween To Iron

How to teach your tween to iron

This post brought to you by Faultless/Bon Ami Company   . The content and opinions expressed below are that of Maybe I Will. As kids get older it so important to teach them important life skills, that will prepare them to be responsible well adjusted, high functioning adults.  By teaching kids to work you help them to become more confident and sure of themselves. Not to mention that I can hand off a little of my workload. kidding, not kidding ;) My 11 year old actually really loves to iron. ...

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Green Chili Veggie Burger With Chipolte Mayo

Green Chile Veggie Burger

This post brought to you by BUBBA Burger. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Maybe I Will. I love summer and grilling season! I just think burgers taste better in the summer coming hot off the grill, with friends and family all around to enjoy. Having burgers all the time can do a number on the waist line, so I like to throw in a Veggie Burger now and then to help me stay on track and for something a little different. Finding a good veggie burger that doesn't taste like a ...

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