My Very Personal Journey to Fit!

An inspiring story of one Women's journey to health and happiness! So many great tips and advice!!

I thought it might be a good idea to share with you lovely readers my story and my very personal journey to fit! ... I have shared it on other blogs but I realize my FULL transformation story has NEVER been told on Maybe I Will!  A true tragedy! To know me fully you really need to understand where I have come from and what got me to where I am today. Almost two years ago I woke up and looked into the mirror and realized I didn't like what I saw. I was tired, and heavier than I had ever been. ...

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September FitSnack Unboxing!

ORDER your Fit Snack Box Today!

Here's a couple things to learn about me as you get to watch these fun little videos every month... #1 I really like to use the word yummy #2 I wear grey shirts a lot - I will try and branch out on my vocabulary and my T-Shirt selection... And with that I give you yet another awesome episode of FitSnack un-boxing at its best! Now for my REAL thoughts on this September FitSnack Unboxing! ... The good, the bad and the down right ugly! Yummy Snack Cheddar Baked Cheese Chips -  I really ...

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Do Those Crazy Wraps Work?

I know you're curious! I was - come find out what I REALLY though!

If you have not seen or heard of the "wraps" I might suggest you might need to get out a little more! Honestly they seem to be everywhere! I must get 2-3 follows a day on Instagram from an "itWorks" rep... They are flaunting them like crazy on there. Finally after seeing  post after post of "instantly" slimmer waistline pics ... I finally broke and my curiosity won. So when Mindy one of my Instafriends approached me and asked me to try them,  I thought what the heck, why not. So after I ...

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It’s time to PLAY workout!

Ditch the gym for a fun at home workout with a few childhood classics that will having you torquing calories!

Do you remember those days as a kid where you played all day, almost to the point of exhaustion? You played and played until your Mom MADE you come inside to eat dinner. Some of my best childhood memories involve just being outside; racing the neighbor kids, riding my bike to the neighborhood pool, and playing tag until we could barely see. Those were the days! Days full of life and fun! Sometimes it is really easy to  get so wrapped up into being "fit" and going the gym and checking off this ...

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Banana Oat Bread

Banana Bread that is Sugar and Flour Free! But guess what it TASTES good!!!

Happy Fall Y'all! I'm sure you haven't heard that one at all... lol! Although it's still a scorching 102 degrees in Henderson, NV I can't help but feel excited about fall! Sure I get strange looks when I roll up in jeans and a flannel plaid shirt with boots... But come on people it's almost October! Let me wear my boots and flannel in peace! And don't even say anything about how hot I must be... BECAUSE I am dying! It's flipping hot out! So I have resigned to wearing my plaid shirts with shorts ...

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7 Easy Dinners in Less Than 15 Minutes!

The EASY Button for dinners! #everydayeffortless meals ready in 15 minutes or LESS! #sponsored

I love to cook! But let's be honest making something delicious from scratch every night isn't always in the cards! With practices, helping with homework and life in general - Sometimes you need that handy dandy EASY button to help get dinner on the table fast. The easiest solution is take out; no argument there!  But that can get spendy and is not the healthiest of options for my little family. So when I am in a pinch and need to throw together dinner in a hurry;  dinner is in the bag with ...

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7 Tips For Rocking Your Bikini

Feel confident in your own skin and ROCK that suit!

This post is brought to you by BikiniBOD but all opinions and thoughts are 100% my own. (as always) Although bikini season is coming to an end, there is no reason to quit or give  up on your aspirations for rocking that bikini bod! If anything you have been given a 2nd chance to start preparing for next year! Or for many of us we have winter trips planned that will require a swimsuit! So never fear whether you're are hitting the beach soon or are currently working towards next year's summer ...

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Win a KitchenAid 5qt Artisan Stand Mixer

Come enter to win this delicious KitchenAid Artisan Mixer!

For those of you who are not bloggers, a Blogiversary is kind of big deal! It means we are celebrating another year of connecting with our awesome readers,  sharing our souls, thoughts, recipes, and pretty much the essence of who we are with you! And I am so proud and honored to help my gal pal Allison over at Cupcake Diaries  (You're go to gal  for awesome drool worthy recipes for those well earned cheat days!) celebrate her 5th blogiversary! And to celebrate... we are doing what we bloggers do ...

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7 Essential Tips For Successful Weight Loss

These are the "golden" rules of weight loss

Losing weight can be a challenge. Every person’s body is so different, and what works for one might not works as well for another person. But with that being said there are some standard foundational truths that seem to be universal in their application and work for all! These 7 Essential Tips  For Successful Weight Loss  are the gold standards of weight loss are great to remember and to revisit and reflect on. As you start to lose weight and the scale is moving it is easy to glide into auto ...

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Baked Chicken Pesto Taquitos

These are pretty much ahh-mazing and quick and easy to throw together!

This post brought to you by Hormel Foods, LLC.. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Maybe I Will. Raise your hand in the air if you struggle to find easy after school snacks for your kids? I don't know about your kiddos, but mine come home starving! It's like they didn't even eat lunch.  It drives me crazy! I decided it was easier to have a prepared snack then to let them go wild in the pantry and fridge. My kids really like taquitos - how can they not; it's meat, cheese, ...

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