Maybe I Will Fitness 

Together we can do this! 

Tired of stubborn weight that will not come off? 

  • I get it, losing weight is tough! It can be super confusing.  Macro Counting is a game changer! Once I understood this concept - the weight started to come off and I began to see real muscle definition! 
  • Using Macros to lose weight helps your body to become an efficient fat burning machine! By understanding your body and it best burns fuel we can create a system that is fully customized for your body. 
  • Understanding how your body best burns fuel is crucial for sustainable fat loss. Getting the proper nutrition for  your body will help you flip the switch and become a fat burning machine - resulting in huge wins on the scale! 

Hi, I'm Andie - owner and creator of Maybe I Will. I created Maybe I Will to share my passion for health and fitness. 

Like so many of you I struggled with my weight for so many years! I am here to tell you it does not HAVE to be struggle. If I can do it! So can you! 

Turn YOUR body into a FAT Burning Machine! 

  • I want to share with you my secret weapon! This secret  helped me to lose 30+ lbs and keep it off going on 5 years. 
  • Food controlled me. I would restrict my diet and count calories, but then I would lose all control and end up binge eating, and then feeling horrible and filled with shame and the whole cycle would start again. 
    • Understanding your body and what fuel source your body prefers, will help you to crush cravings and break up with dieting for good! It will help you to break the cycle and "splurge" without the guilt and extra weight gain. 

I want to help you break the cycle that held me for so many years! You'll need to learn how much protein, carbohydrates, and fat is enough to help you become a fat burning machine. That answer is different for everyone and I am sure it will surprise you. (And yes you read that right!! You get to eat carbs!) 

How I broke up with "dieting" and never looked back 

  • Diets set you up for failure.
  • For lasting weight loss you need fix your relationship with food. Just like any other healthy relationship in your life you need to become friends. ( I am not talking a toxic type relationship here!) Been there...
  • So just say no to diets and lets work on building a new healthy relationship! 

Are you tired of quick fixes that just don't work??

For years I tired every diet out there! They would work for awhile and I would lose some weight - but the second I tried to live a normal life the weight would come right back on. It was so discouraging! I lost 30 + lbs and I have kept it off by learning the power of protein and changing my mindset and relationship with food! 

My Story

Almost five years ago I woke up and looked into the mirror and realized I didn't like what I saw. I was tired, and heavier than I had ever been. Something went off in me. And I started a journey to a fit and healthier lifestyle. Now 30 lbs lighter, I have never felt more alive! For me I needed to hit "rock bottom" to understand that fitness and healthy eating wasn't just a "fad" or a "trend"... it HAD to become a way of life for me! Can you relate? Sometimes that moment when we look in the mirror and realize that we are NOT happy and that something does need to change is such a BIG moment to get to! And once you're there it is a great place to start and choose to start making daily choices that will help lead you to happiness and health. You don't have to hit rock bottom to make a change! You just need to want to be healthier and to make the changes necessary to do so!

If you set out to lose weight and do so by diet and exercise, you will do it! But then what?!? You have to commit and make fitness a part of who YOU are! I started with just walking, then I added weights, then running, then more extreme classes. My pointis start somewhere! Start small! Even is you start by walking to end of the street and back, then the next day go a little further! It's all about moving! Find something you love and it won't be a chore or a bore! The biggest thing is to get MOVING!

One of my greatest joys in life is helping people meet their health and fitness goals - I've been there! I know how hard it is to feel "stuck" and "out of control" - I love to help people realize they can do this! They can be better, they can say NO to average and reach their goals to be the best THEM possible!!! It is pretty much thecoolest part of blogging for me! I get to connect with people from all over the world and share with them my workouts, healthy recipes and tips on being a healthier and happier you!

I still struggle and I still have days where I eat my feelings. But instead of letting it be a slippery slope back to bad habits. I shrug it off and forgive myself! I am human! Sometimes I need some ice cream to help cope! But I don't let those moments define me anymore or have POWER over me!

The biggest thing I have learned and continue to learn is that there is no destination to being "fit and healthy" there really is no point where you can get off the train and decide - Yep I'm all done I can stop working out and eat whatever I want because heck I made it! -- Sounds silly saying it out loud,uh? But really to live a fit, healthy and positive life you need to realize that exercise will always need to be part of your routine! Don't feel like you need to turn into a gym rat and live there. Be smart and find ways to move and be active at your level whatever that may be. Learn to eat more veggies and lean proteins; say no to sugar and junk food more. Your body will thank you! It really doesn't like all that junk we feed it! In turn it will be more energetic and vitalized because it is getting awesome nutritious food! Moderation is KEY!

So no matter where you are on your journey to fit - have courage and know you CAN do this! I was once you! I struggled to move and I had no clue what "healthy eating" actually meant. But I have learned so much and I am1 so thankful everyday that I created Maybe I Will to share what I have learned along this crazy journey to being fit

Are you ready for a REAL Change? 

  • Learn your customized Macro Nutrient Blueprint! 
    Every body is so different on how it breaks food down, and turns it into fuel. I work with you to help you find your magic Macro ratios to help you enjoy the food you love and still lose weight! 
  • Eat More and Still Lose Weight! 
    When I deliver most women's Macro plans - they are shocked by how many calories they are to eat! Most women are not eating enough calories and are actually slowing down their metabolism down and causing their bodies to be signaled to hold on and excess store fat.  
  • Experience Awesome Workouts that are designed to help you get LEAN! 
    Every Monday - Friday you will get a "fresh" workout that has been designed to be 20-30 minutes and to burn calories, and sculpt and lean your body to get in the best shape of your life. And have fun! 
  • Regain Your Confidence! My biggest goal when I designed my program besides successful weightloss for life, was to help my clients reconnect with themselves and learn how to love their bodies and be truly happy. My program is completely different than any other program out there because of this!  If a personal trainer, nutritionist and life coach got together and made a program it would be Maybe I Will Fitness!! 

    You've Seen and Tried it All... 

    I like so many of you have tried every diet out there! It wasn't until I discovered Macro Counting that I learned how to eat the foods I loved and otherwise would have to "ban" on any other diet. I began to see food differently instead of seeing "good" and "bad" I only saw the nutrients and how my body understood them and turned them into fuel. By understanding this and how your body works and burns fuel the most efficiently is the key to unlocking your fat burning potential. 

    Everyday I will be with you!! Helping to motivate you and get you going on your goal to healthier, happier, and more fit you!! 

    Crank UP Your Metabolism With Fat Burning Workouts! 

    Everyday {Monday through Friday} you will receive a link to a fresh workout designed to help you tone and tighten and lean your body up! 

    The workouts are designed to be 20-30 minutes long and can be done at home in your living room or if you would like you can do them at a gym. The workouts all have instructional video to help you know how to do the moves properly with perfect form.  

    You will also have instant access to my Maybe I Will Fitness Library!! With 14 printable guides to help you every step of the way!! 

    Now is the TIME for Commit to Yourself for REAL Change! 



    So if you are tired of trying diet after diet and failing... NOW is the time to try Maybe I Will Fitness and learn how to get in the best shape of your life and finally rebuild a healthy and strong relationship with food/ 

    Maybe I Will Fitness is a solution for those who have tried every thing else and failed! 


    1. You'll receive a total customized Macro Nutrient Blueprint plan, just for you! Throughout the 90 Days we will revisit your plan and make sure that is being optimized to keep your burning fat and losing pounds! 
    2. You'll receive FRESH workouts every day Monday Through Friday with access to a Private Facebook group for daily motivation and tips to help you stay on track! 
    3. You'll have instant access to my special Resource Guide Library with 14 guides to help you ROCK your 90 day total body transformation! 
    4. Weekly LIVE FB Chats to answer questions and provide motivation! I will help you get to your goal! I know that 80% of weight loss is a mental battle! I have been there and I know how it feels to have demons and triggers that cause you to overeat. I will help you get to the real root of the problem and relearn how to deal with your emotions and triggers in a healthier and more productive way. 

    What People Are Saying about Maybe I Will Fitness 

    John Doe UI/UX Designer

    “I have more muscle tone than when I worked out at the gym!”

    “I just completed the 90 day transformation and I lost over 10 lbs and have more muscle tone and definition than I have ever had! Andie will keep you motivated on track! 

    Renee J. 

    "Andie helped me gain my confidence" 

    "I was chosen to be included in a "Real Women of Kohl's" photo shoot.  I truly believe Maybe I Will Fitness gave me the confidence to be able to say YES to such a crazy out of my comfort zone opportunity! 

    Laura F. 
    John Doe UI/UX Designer
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