Sculpted Arms Workout

Fitness Friday

This week I’m sharing with you one of my favorite workouts for sculpting your arms and upper body so you can rock any tank top! Your arms are gonna thank me! If they don’t fall off in the process ;) Make sure you use the heaviest weights you can manage! Lifting heavier weights will really help to shred arm fat and sculpt your muscles so that you look fabulous!!!

If you do this four times through you will have completed a total of 120 Push Ups!! Feel free to do a modified version or crank it up a notch and do inverted Push Ups!

Bicep Burners will rock your world!  Start with 8 Full Bicep Curls, Then Do 8 Upper Bicep Curls and 8 Lower Curls

15 Overhead Presses- Bring the weights up and over your head and then bring them down slowly, make sure you are in control of the movement.

15 Tricep Dips make sure to keep your shoulders down as you lower and raise your body. You can bend your legs to modify the move.

15 Back Rows – With knees on the ground bring the weights up like you’re pulling a lawn mower.Squeeze back muscles as you bring the weight back. – Do 15 per side

15 Upright Rows- I’m not sure why but these might be my favorite exercise! I love how they sculpt my shoulders and back. Bring weights down and up while keeping shoulders and back straight.

  • 15 French Press/Skull Crushers. When your arms are bent at a 90 degree angle, lower the weights down towards your skull and press them back up
    Repeat entire sequence four times

    I stopped by KPVI More and shared my workout with Matt & Libby — Check it out

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